Food supplement.

Delicious lemon drink with double action: it burns toxins and fat!

  • 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia for stimulating fat loss and preventing the formation of new fat.
  • A powerful detox trio (milk thistle, artichoke, choline) for eliminating toxins
  • Get your digestion into top shape
  • Look and feel your best!

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Content: 15 sachets for 15 days

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This natural lemon drink contains 3 top detox ingredients and slimming superstar Garcinia Cambogia. It's designed to target your fat reserves and flush out toxins. All for a slimmer and healthier waistline!

This double-effect detox-slimming drink is for you if:

  • losing weight feels like a struggle
  • your weight-loss progress has come to a stop
  • you're noticing extra weight in the stomach area
  • cravings get the better of you
  • your diet contains processed foods and you don't usually cook for yourself (not enough vegetables, fruit, whole grains, quality protein or good fats)
  • you lead an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking or drinking alcohol)
  • you're a woman in (peri)menopause, lacking oestrogen, which activates choline synthesis

The best way to kick-start your weight loss is by resetting your system. The best way to do that is by detoxifying your liver.

The detox weight-loss connection: an express way to your dream body

When the liver is overloaded with toxins, it accumulates fat – you get stuck in a vicious cycle:

  • The liver is the organ that transforms the food we eat into a usable form. But when it's overloaded, it cannot use this food as fuel.
  • All this unused energy starts accumulating in the form of fat – first around the waist and then all over the body.
  • This makes you feel sluggish and tired - being active becomes a huge effort. Since you're lacking energy, you crave junk food and don't sleep well. The problem becomes bigger and bigger.


Stimulates fat loss

Reduces unhealthy food cravings

Improves digestion

Supports liver regeneration

Nip the weight problem in the bud!

ToxBurn contains 3 detox ingredients that target the liver and Garcinia Cambogia which is proven to boost fat loss.

Don't worry! The European Food Safety Authority has confirmed all of the below:

Garcinia Cambogia

  • Increases and maintains weight loss.
  • Blocks hunger and sugar cravings.
  • Contributes to the reduction of fat storage.

Milk thistle

  • Supports liver health.
  • Protects the liver and consequently maintains its function which improves digestion
  • Contributes to the detoxifying potential of the liver.


  • Accelerates weight loss.
  • Supports detoxification.
  • Supports the digestive juice flow.
  • Maintains a healthy liver.
  • Provides intestinal comfort.


  • Supports normal liver function
  • Contributes to normal lipid and homocysteine metabolism.

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100% Money-back Guarantee on Satisfaction
Handled, shipped and delivered within 3-5 working days

Content: 15 sachets for 15 days

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Dietary supplement

INGREDIENTS (1 sachet):

Carrier: corn dextrin, garcinia cambogia fruit rind extract with 60% hydroxycitric acid, milk thistle dried fruit extract, choline bitartrate, artichoke leaf extract with 2-5% cynarine, natural lemon flavour, acidity regulator: citric acid anhydrous, anti-caking agent: rice concentrate, sweetener: sucralose.


The recommended daily intake is 1 sachet dissolved in a glass of water after a meal.


If you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the product ingredients or use medication, consult your doctor before use. This product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.


Keep out of the reach of children! Store in a dark, dry place at temperatures below 25°C.